Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Starting to Look a lot like Christmas!

Well Chloe had her first Thanksgiving! She tried gravy and mashed potatoes. She was less than impressed with potatoes. She was as cute as ever. I bought this adorable Ralph Lauren outfit for her to wear on Thanksgiving. It was this pink sweater that bubbled out with cream leggings and of course I topped it off with a big flower headband! We ate up in Morgan with my moms family and then came home that night and got Christmas all set up! So exciting! Chloe loves the tree. A lot of the ornaments are up higher because she is quick to army crawl to them. We've been watching Elmo's Christmas Countdown almost daily and she loves to bounce to the songs - very cute!

We did a little Black Friday shopping. Brit and I bought our first washer and dryer. You would think it would be totally lame but I am totally excited! I got the red LG ones and I cannot wait till I have my own home and can use them! Today we went to my two favorite places - Chipotle and Nordstrom Rack. I could have gone crazy at the Rack but I controlled myself and only bought a few things - I even bought Brit something for Christmas!

I cannot believe December is almost here now. I am so thankful to be in Utah with family to be able to celebrate the holiday season with them. I love having Chloe around the family and seeing her with them. The other night my sister, Hailey was playing with Chlo. Suddenly Chloe just started to clap! It is so cute. If you say, "Yay Chloe!" and clap she starts clapping too. Little miss is now 7 months old, where is the time going?!


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