Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally a Moment!

It is 4:50 and Chloe is just going down for her first nap and I finally have a moment to write! Big news, her first tooth came in! It is on the bottom right side. In a way it makes me sad because she isn't this little baby anymore, she is growing up. Her new thing is this cheesy smile. She scrunches up her little nose and closes her eyes and grins, so cute. My dad almost always gets the cheesy grin. In other news she is rolling EVERYWHERE! I can't keep up with her, she is so fast. She is also attempting to crawl a little bit too. She lifts her bottom in the air and kicks forward with her feet to get to what she wants, time for the baby gates to go up!

The pictures are from Chloe's 6 month photos that my cousin Tasha took. I LOVE them! Chlo has the bluest eyes and cutest pink lips. I love the picture of her with the hat on and the black tutu. Wait till you see the outfit I bought for her Christmas pictures - oh my heck, SO cute!

In other news, I cook now. Many of you reading this know that I never used to cook, but now that I am not working and I am home I am learning new things. My mother-in-law gave me this yummy (and very easy) recipe for chicken noodle soup and I've now made it twice in the last two weeks. We were sitting up to eat last night and my younger sister Emilee said to me, "This is so cool Amy, you found something good to cook AND your actually good at it!" I couldn't help but laugh!



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